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The history of water

Water is a molecule consisting of 3 atoms.

It covers about 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up about 70% of our bodies.

It is essential to all life forms and is present in the daily life of all humans.

Traditionally and for hundreds of thousands of years, humans have been drinking water directly from springs, streams, rivers, and lakes since it was safe, free and abundant.

At that time, the water was pure and natural and humans had only a small impact on it.

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Nowadays, of course, it’s totally different. Our planet is heavily polluted, thus the water also.

Because of that, it is now scarce to access pure and natural water. Most humans are accessing water that is heavily chemically and physically treated.

Throughout the history of water, the most prominent aspect was and still is the aberration of wastewater.

Indeed, unlike all other animals, humans have taken the habit of dumping their waste into the water.

Of course, we are not talking about biodegradable horse manure, but about various types of waste, which have not stopped increasing since the industrial era.

This is how we pollute the water with:

  • inert materials: rubble, metals, plastics, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, paper, etc.
  • biological materials: body fluids, feces, blood, slaughterhouse waste, fishing waste, and other corpses.
  • toxic products of all kinds: radioactive waste, industrial sludge, paints, detergents, dyes, agricultural waste,
    pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

The peak of this aberration is the water toilet, meaning we are literally pooping in the same water that will come back to our kitchen faucet!

Inevitably, the water toilet will go to a treatment plant because of that, but the treatment plant will not be able to remove micropollutants, such as medicines (including pills), drugs, pesticides, and other industrial products, and of course, will add chlorine to the water to eliminate many pathogenic bacteria.

On the other hand, a minority of humans have taken the path to stop this madness and see how they can preserve as much as possible the heritage of nature by living in harmony with it instead of heavily polluting it.

Nowadays, most people are trapped in a system designed to make profits over the exploitation and pollution of nature.

It is not only individual change but also a systemic shift required if we want to enjoy more of nature’s gifts and protect them for generations to come…

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