The types and best sources of water

There are no such things as “best sources of water” existing on earth.

As nature made it well, all-natural sources of drinking water are good. The problem comes from polluted water.

Unfortunately, today, the world is upside down!

Polluted water is the rule, and non-polluted natural drinking water is the exception.

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So if we were to name the “best sources of water,” it would be simply any natural unpolluted drinking water.

How crazy it is to think that something that once was common and available to all is now so rare.

The blame is on us, humans, as we have decided long ago to heavily contaminate everything surrounding us, starting with water.

After decades of intensive pollution, we are now collectively paying a high price for this treachery against mother nature that gave us heaven to thrive.

Only a few privileged humans on earth are now accessing natural unpolluted drinking water.

For the rest of us, we are doomed to filter by ourselves the water we drink as the standard “potable” water is still heavily polluted.

Drinking Water Holistic Natural Health Experts Holisticnutrition Organic Sustainability Greenliving

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Contrary to what many people think, polluted water is not only the non-drinking water that you systematically see in under-developed countries.

Polluted water is also the allegedly “clean” tap water delivered to your kitchen faucet.

In reality, this tap water is full of hormones, antibiotics and other drugs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and other industrial and agricultural pollutants.

The amount of this pollution varies significantly from country to country, but it cannot be said that it is advisable to drink tap water, and yet this water is considered safe to drink because it does not represent an immediate major health threat. 

Of course, ideally, we would live in an environment full of nature and wild animals where we could drink the water from the river we are bathing into.

But realistically, this time is almost over, and we have to seek now for the least contaminated water and the best filtration system available…

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