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Water on the planet and in our bodies

Water is a tiny molecule consisting of 3 atoms, yet it covers about 70% of the earth’s surface and makes up about 70% of our bodies.

Water is vital to life on earth. Without it, there would be no animals, no humans, no plants, no trees, there would be nothing but rocks.

It is an indispensable companion in our daily lives, and yet, what do we know about it?

Without it, we would die in a few days, but thanks to it, complex ecosystems, necessary to life, can prosper.

Water is probably the molecule that marked the beginning of life on our planet. Water is crucial to the functions and functioning of life.

It is probably THE most important of all nutrients on this planet.

All ecosystems need water, even if some microbes, plants, or animals have developed strategies to survive for some time without water.

On earth, water is essential for the existence of all life forms.

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Constantly circulating and transforming, seeping into the earth to form groundwater, emerging as springs, flowing into streams, rivers and oceans, evaporating and falling as rain, snow or hail, water forms the most incredible, complex and indispensable biological cycle.

Whatever the climate, whatever the place, water shapes vegetation which grows more or less abundantly depending on the amount of water available.

The triangle of life is represented by water, earth and the sun. All plant and animal life forms depend on these 3 essential components to sustain life.

As far as water and earth are concerned, we have already polluted them extensively, and today chemical substances are poured into the air that filter the sun’s rays.

Nothing is spared in the race for profit that some people are engaged in against the fundamental resources that belong to all the planet’s inhabitants.

Therefore, it is urgent to change our behavior to take care of the most precious goods at the origin of all life because we all share the same planet.

We are all dependent on clean water from microbes to elephants, from phytoplankton to whales, from earthworms to humans.

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In our bodies, the chemistry and physiology of our body are tied to water’s presence.

There is no single compartment in our body that is free of it.

We can survive for weeks without eating, but we would be dead in 3 days without drinking.

If we lose even 1 to 2% of our body weight in water, our physical and mental capacities considerably diminish.

In our body, water is distributed inside our cells (intracellular water), outside our cells (extracellular water) and in the composition of all the liquids of our body (organic liquids).

From our birth to our last day, water is crucial for our survival.

As a fetus, we are bathed in amniotic fluid in our mother’s womb, called the “water sac”.

It will be our home for nine months!

We need a daily intake of water to stay healthy and avoid dehydration during our life.

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