We hear about the Food Pyramid,
but what is the Water Pyramid?

By researching over the internet, you will find hundreds of different models about the food pyramid, but when you search for the water pyramid, you will find nothing related to our water intake.

We use the concept of the water pyramid because we genuinely believe that our drink intakes are indeed underestimated compared to our food intakes.

What we drink or not plays a huge role in our overall health. Per that, we decided to draw our own water pyramid to give back the deserved attention to this essential topic.

Logically, the water pyramid serves the same goals as the food pyramid.

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It is not a way to determine the “menu” of what we will drink during the day. It is much more a tool to understand the different sources of drinks we regularly need to stay healthy.

Same as the food pyramid, this will vary depending on where we live, what weather we are subject to, and what lifestyle we have.

Nevertheless, there are 3 categories of drink intake that everyone needs:

  • Pure water
  • Food water
  • Healthy drinks

Pure water

We are the only creatures on earth that consume thousands of beverages other than pure water, and inevitably we no longer drink pure water in sufficient quantities.

Yet pure water should be our primary source of liquid. This water must be as qualitative as possible.

Unfortunately, nowadays, it is very rare to have access to naturally pure water, so most of us are forced to filter it efficiently.

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Food water

Our food water intake depends totally on our diet. If we adopt a healthy plant-based diet, we will automatically receive the best food water possible.

This is because a healthy plant-based diet contains a large proportion of organic fruits and vegetables.

These fruits and vegetables contain an average of 85% of water, meaning that if we eat around 1kg of fruits and vegetables every day, we get around 850 ml of quality food water.

Healthy drinks

Healthy beverages are really the icing on the cake. They are abundant, rich in flavors, and delicious!

Among them, we find:

  • herbal teas (including black, green and white tea)
  • fruity waters
  • cereal coffees and other similar preparations
  • fermented drinks such as kombucha or kefir

There is no problem consuming many of them but don’t forget that they don’t replace Pure water and Food water.

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