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Healthy Aging: Preventing age-related diseases

In our opinion, this is such an important topic that we actually did a full free webinar on it. This webinar contains more than 1 hour with our experts that will give you a solid base of understanding on the stakes of aging as healthily as possible. 

Additionally, it will give you a glimpse of the power of natural medicines to create a long-term healthy aging strategy. 

In this article, we will mainly focus on age-related diseases and how to prevent them. 

What is healthy aging?

Healthy aging can vary depending on the definition of “healthy” we want to consider. 

According to natural medicines, being healthy goes beyond the following basic definition:  

A state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

But for now, let’s keep this basic definition. In that case, healthy aging simply means keeping this state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being as long as possible. 

To do that, the first key to comprehension is to understand that we age as we have lived. 

Therefore, healthy aging does not happen suddenly when you arrive in your 50s, 60s or 70s, it’s an ongoing process since birth. 

In that sense, our parents are the first to play an important role in how we live and, therefore, how we age. 

Simultaneously, our life choices are the biggest factor that will considerably influence our life expectancy and state of aging. 

Considering those points, we can say that healthy aging is more of a quest, a journey of constant learning and improvement unique to each one of us. 

In this complex process, there are some common rules that apply to all of us, and some that will vary depending on various factors.

Common Age-Related Diseases

How many times did you heard people say: “oh, but this is normal it’s because she is getting older, she has osteoporosis”, or “obviously, with him turning sixty, he was diagnosed with early dementia”,  or “now that he retired, it’s important that he plays games to maintain is cognitive functions”, etc. 

Age-related diseases have taken root in our collective unconscious, so much so that most people believe it is normal to develop a bunch of diseases while getting older, as if age was a fatality that dooms us to suffer from various chronic diseases after an expiration date. 

Well, we are here to give you good news! 

These diseases are not “age-related” in the sense that although they occur more frequently in people as they get older, age is not a significant risk factor. This is proved by the significant increase, in the last couple of decades, in the occurrence of these diseases in young people. 

It’s so convenient for societies to call those diseases “age-related” or “genetic-related” when, in reality, in the absolute majority of cases, they are purely civilization-chronic diseases. 

In the first case, the blame can not be pinpointed on something changeable, therefore, you are invited to resign and accept the fatality of “aging” and “being born with it.” 

Luckily for you, this is not the reality. The reality is that those “age-related” diseases have grown dramatically correlated with the big civilization changes that happened in the last century. 

Amongst those, with can mention the biggest culprits:

  • Agro-chemical industry (industrial food, pesticides, GMO’s, endocrine disruptors, etc.) 
  • Non-natural medicine based on pharmaceutical companies (synthetic drugs, bio-engineering, vaccines, experimental injections, bio-hacking, genetic manipulation of dangerous pathogens, etc.)
  • Corrupt governments (environmental pollution and destruction of bio-diversity, ban of natural medicines’s knowledge and resources, poor quality care and difficultly to access it, etc.)
  • Human living habitat destruction (nature removal, promiscuity, animal species extinction, industrialization and denaturalization of our environment, development of crowded and polluted cities, etc.)
Healthy Aging Holistic Natural Health Experts

Factors Contributing to Age-Related Diseases

Genetic predisposition

In the “it’s genetic!” assertion made to patients for almost all diseases, we need to distinguish the following:

  • True genetic diseases
  • True genetic predispositions
  • Epigenetics

True genetic diseases

True genetic diseases are indisputable, and almost all of them are known today.

Whether in doubt or certain of a genetic disease, it is obviously essential to carry out the necessary tests to find out. Then, treatment must begin as soon as possible.

True genetic predispositions

Truly genetic predispositions need to be understood, discussed, and very carefully integrated into appropriate therapeutic management. Why do we need to be cautious? 

Because there are certain genes that are said to be “associated” with certain cancers, but in reality, they are associated with an increased risk of this or that cancer.

On the other hand, there is HLA typing. HLA typing is the genetic study of the variability of Human Leukocyte Antigens, located on chromosome 6. These results are associated with a higher risk of developing a particular disease. 

However, predisposition is always modulated by epigenetics.


Epigenetics refers to all the lifestyle and environmental factors that influence the expression of our genes. We now know that epigenetics is a key factor in preventing disease and optimizing healthy aging.

Understanding the impact of epigenetics on the functioning of our biochemistry is essential.

The good news is that natural medicines have understood this and have been improving patients’ epigenetics for hundreds of years.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices represent the personal part of each person’s epigenetics. They are obviously a determining factor in whether we age well or badly.

For example, if your life choices bring you to work in a hostile environment with bad relationships, it will affect your health and, therefore, how you age. 

The same thing can be said if you decide to consume drugs, fall into addictions, don’t get the necessary rest, neglect your body, etc. 

All that is quite evident, but one thing that most people miss is the appropriate knowledge and guidance to make wiser choices.

Health can and should not be the only variable, but if one of your main goals is healthy aging, then it should remain a priority criteria in all your life choices. 

For that, there is no better help than Holistic Natural Health Experts to guide you and give you the best knowledge available to make better lifestyle choices.

Natural medicines’ strongest area of expertise is prevention and long-term health care strategy based on centuries of experience all over the world. 

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are part of our lifestyle choices. Regarding health, it’s undoubtedly the most important one and therefore deserves to be treated as a separate topic. 

You eat two to six times every day. If what you eat hurts your body, healthy aging is impossible. 

We are what we eat, our body builds up based on what we put into our mouth. Food is fuel for our body, but also for our mind and emotions. 

Eating healthy should be your first priority at all times, before sleeping well, doing sport, having good relationships, etc. Food is at the base of your health.  

In our book “Healthy Food: Your Fundamental Right,” we go into great depth to explain how you can transition to a healthy diet that will provide you with all the pleasures and nutrients you need for the longest and healthiest life possible.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important way for your body to stay healthy and relieve stress.

Over the years, our physical activity tends to decline. 

With less free time and more work and family commitments, we’re on a downward slope, where a sedentary lifestyle is becoming the worst enemy of healthy aging. 

In our ebook “Movement and Sport for Optimal Health,” we deliver to you the fundamental knowledge of what a healthy physical activity means. 


Sleep is the most important phase in our lives, enabling our bodies to regenerate. Poor sleep, whether in terms of quality or quantity, can have serious consequences, even if, when we’re young, we don’t think much of it. 

Fortunately, natural medicines offer us all the right treatments to remedy various sleep disorders.

Stress Management

Stress is an ever-growing matter, culminating in recent years. Modern societies have increased tenfold the source of stress. 

For most people living in big cities, this crowded environment is a constant source of stress that negatively affects their bodies. 

Today, it’s vital to have an efficient stress management strategy. 

Small and punctual stresses are not a problem, but chronic stress definitely wears down our bodies prematurely. 

Although some stress sources can’t be solved, natural medicines are effective against stress for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the impact of stress on your body’s physiology 
  • Increase your body’s ability to cope with stress
  • Help you to improve your life choices to limit sources of stress 
Physical activity

Get help with your health issues

Strategies for Preventing Age-Related Diseases

Searching the internet for “how to prevent age-related diseases,” you will easily find a bunch of frequent advice like:

Although those are not wrong, they don’t give you any practical solutions, adapted to your unique situation. 

Let’s be honest: everyone knows it’s better to quit smoking, to eat healthy, and so on, but the reality is that it is quite complex and often complicated to put that into practice, especially when you don’t know how to do it right.  

What people lack the most is the right tools and help to start improving their health the right way while managing their lives. For most, life is already intense, and they don’t have a lot of time and energy to dedicate to their health management. 

This is why, at Holistic Natural Health Experts, we don’t have a preventing age-related diseases strategy, we design a personalized strategy for each of our client’s health needs. 

If you come to us with the aim of preventing age-related diseases, or more simply, to prevent diseases and improve your health, we will have a holistic approach, taking into account everything to design the path to optimal results. 

Of course, you can consider not wanting to invest the money and time and go for the standard solutions and try out a bit of everything you can find by yourself, but trust us, we know better.

Disease prevention and health management is a real job, and you have a better time entrusting professionals to help you out than doing it all alone. 

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Talk to us directly for free to ask questions, we will answer you and explain to you how we can help you improve your health. 

Importance of Regular Health Check-ups

Yes, it’s useful to do regular check-ups to the condition that you understand what you check and why. 

In the mind of most people, doing a health check-up means doing the tests that the conventional doctor requests when going for a routine consultation. 

There is nothing wrong with it, but this represents just a tiny fraction of health check-ups available. 

Additionally, routine and superficial tests are of limited use to a person in good health. 

Within the realm of natural medicines, a wide range of health check-ups are available to answer many different situations. 

As Holistic Natural Health Experts, we handpicked check-ups to include them in a holistic diagnostic strategy. 

As we like to say, you only find what you look for, and it’s important to do meaningful check-ups that are necessary to have better treatments. 

During our health consultations, we will advise you on the most appropriate check-ups for your personal needs, based on your health history and current health state.

What is Optimal Aging? Hear it from the Experts

With decades of experience serving our clients to reach optimal health, we have a pretty precise definition of what optimal aging is. We can summarize with this short but accurate definition:

Optimal aging is the ability to live while continuously regaining and maintaining good homeostasis. 

Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. In other words, it’s the ability of our body to keep a good regulation of all its compartments and physiological capacities. 

This means that optimal aging is not being symptomless or never contracting any diseases, it’s the ability to prevent, maintain, and recover a healthy state. It’s a state of equilibrium and resilience. 

Now, the big question is, what does optimal aging require?

What does Optimal Aging require?

Well, for that as well, our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to tell you more about the recipe for optimal aging. 

Of course, the recipe needs to be personalized to each person, but here are the essential ingredients:

  • A curious and open mind who is willing to learn continuously
  • An ability to change patterns, habits, lifestyle, and more
  • As early as possible, a holistic health care follow-up by experts using both natural medicines and conventional medicine
  • Personal perseverance and commitment over months and years 


Whatever our life path, there comes a time when we realize that we’re growing old. We see some of our loved ones dying too soon and, above all, aging badly. Chronic and debilitating illnesses have unfortunately become the rule.

In our daily lives, we can get caught up in a spiral of activities that leave us no respite. At some point, we have this inner feeling that there’s something we could be doing better for our health, but we don’t necessarily know what. The mistake too many people make is to let this feeling pass, only to find it again many years later.

We know it’s hard to manage everything. For many of us, life is like being a constant juggler, but instead of juggling skittles, it’s with fragile balls of glass full of precious liquid. 

Having the precious help of Holistic Health Experts on your side can help you catch the moment when this inner feeling comes and actually do something better for your health. From this point on, a virtuous circle can initiate, putting you on the path towards optimal aging. 

To learn more about Holistic Health please visit our free library full of topics like these covering a wide range of topics written by Holistic Natural Health Experts.

Join us, and live your best life!

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