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Natural Remedies for Anxiety - A Comprehensive Guide

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health disorders globally.

In the United Kingdom, research conducted over 20 years, from 1998 to 2018, shows that there has been an explosion of anxiety over the last decade, tripling the amount of people suffering from it.  

Types of anxiety disorders

As a general rule, the term anxiety is used to group together a series of psycho-emotional disorders such as anxiety, anguish, worry, concern, apprehension, and fear.

However, it’s important to differentiate between normal, transient emotions such as worry, concern, apprehension, and fear, which anyone can feel in response to present or future events, and anxiety and anguish, which are psychic illnesses.

Anxiety and anguish are no longer fleeting emotions but a permanent state of fear unrelated to the reality of an event. When they take hold of a person, they damage their physical, mental, and emotional health.

The psychiatric and natural medicine approach to anxiety is very different and complementary. 

If psychotherapy is set up, it may be important to distinguish by diagnosis whether the anxiety is:

  • Generalized or leads to panic attacks
  • Whether it manifests itself in situations such as separations or possible conflicts
  • Whether compensation mechanisms such as OCD have been put in place
  • Whether particular phobias exist

In setting up natural medicine treatments, we take into account the whole person, i.e. his or her constitution and temperament, as well as an understanding of the events in his or her life, family, social and professional environment, and the characteristics of the anxiety manifestation.

Common causes and triggers for anxiety 

Causes and triggers for anxiety are numerous, all explained in detail in our webinars on anxiety and anguish. 

Whatever the causes, we can affirm that anxiety or anguish is indicative of previous problems that have not been identified and treated, a flagrant example being post-traumatic stress.

A fairly common attitude when faced with stress, a traumatic event, or a toxic situation is to say:

  • It will pass in time
  • He/she will get over it
  • It’s society’s way, there’s nothing we can do

Reality shows us that this is not the case. Painful experiences will leave their mark if they are not understood, digested, and transformed. The body will set up permanent stress alarm signals in the absence of danger, and this is how anxiety or anguish sets in.

Our advice is not to ignore alarm signals but to learn to identify them and, above all, to treat them as quickly as possible using natural medicines.

Anxiety Holistic Natural Health Experts

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Role of Diet and Nutrition in Anxiety

Food is always involved in the development of anxiety to varying degrees. We are what we eat, which means that our mind, body, and emotions are what we eat.

Food affects our emotions far more than we realize. In our practical experience, we’ve never met a person eating healthily who suffered from anguish or anxiety.

Let’s not forget that drug use and an unhealthy lifestyle are not compatible with healthy eating either. When you make the effort to eat healthily, you’re also interested in taking care of your body, getting moving and reconnecting with nature and animals.

When it comes to diet, the most fragile are obviously children, whose developing brains are easier to “poison” with junk food. 

What’s more, the intestines, now referred to as our second brain, are also primarily poisoned by junk food. Our digestive system is closely linked to our emotions, and we can’t manage them properly if our intestines are weakened or struggling to cope with unhealthy foods. 

The liver is considered in Chinese medicine to be our emotional shield, so it’s easy to understand that it can’t fulfill its function when it’s assailed by toxic products. 

Junk food is not just what the media like to repeat, namely eating fast food. Junk food is all the industrial, refined, or animal-based foods you eat every day. 

To give just a few examples, junk food also includes, to varying degrees:  

  • White sugar
  • White flours and all their derivatives, such as bakery and pastry products
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Meat products
  • Fish products
  • Refined oils
  • Toxic additives, colorants and preservatives
  • Products from non-organic farming
  • GMOs

An inflammatory gut automatically generates anxiety and metabolic stress, so logically in any situation of anxiety and anguish, you need to improve your diet.

If you want to learn more about the topic, subscribe now and read our ebook “Healthy Food: Your Fundamental Right.” You will find all you need to know about a healthy diet and how to implement it in your daily life.

Role of Movement and Sport/Sleep in Anxiety

Movement is fundamental to life. Like all animals, we humans need regular movement to stay alive. Knowing that it’s no surprise that movement and sports play a role in anxiety and, in general, in mental health. 

We can see ourselves as a whole composed of three big parts:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Emotions

The three are bound together, permanently coexisting in interdependency. If we neglect our bodies, it will inevitably have negative consequences on our minds and emotions. 

In the case of anxiety, in particular, we can see that as a sign of mental turmoil, with excessive activity and inability to relax and focus. 

In this case, often, the person suffers from a lack of movement and sport that does not allow a proper discharge of physical energy. Like a kid who wants to play but is forced to remain seated, this excessive energy is going to mess up his mind. 

Of course, that does not mean that lack of movement and sport is necessarily the cause of the anxiety, but it can definitely be an aggravating factor. 

In that case, introducing a daily activity like walking, running, cycling, swimming, or else could be a good way to restore a better balance. 

Nonetheless, some people suffer from anxiety and exhaustion or physical injuries. In those cases, movement and sports may not be prioritized over other things. 

This is why, to know exactly what role movement and sport can play in someone’s anxiety or any other mental disorder, it is critical to first do a personalized health assessment. Only then, after having identified the different causes and mechanisms, can you know better. 

Regarding sleep, both quality and quantity are important. It’s during our sleep that our brain digests the day’s events and emotions. Therefore, lacking good and sufficient sleep can be an aggravating factor or even trigger anxiety. 

People taking sleeping pills do not enjoy quality sleep as these medications drug you into sleep rather than allowing the good conditions for natural regenerative sleep. 

With natural medicines, it is also possible to work on sleeping disorders by identifying the causes and working on them with various treatments and solutions. 

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is so widespread today that numerous supplements are proposed to solve this illness, extolling the miraculous effects of this or that plant, mineral, vitamin, or combination of extracts.

From our experience and training, we can certify that there is no miracle cure when faced with a real psychological illness such as anxiety or anguish. Like for many illnesses, those marketing-driven quick fixes are not reliable solutions. 

You won’t solve your anxiety by taking some supplement pills containing valerian extract. On the other hand, it’s very easy to relieve transient emotions with punctual herbal treatments.

Many people suffering from anxiety or anguish refuse to treat themselves since anxiety is itself a source of procrastination, unfounded fears, or denial. 

Sometimes, the status of being mentally ill also entails social or family benefits that the person is not prepared to relinquish; in other cases, the person refuses any change in lifestyle or treatment.

So, to sum up, for people aware of their anxiety, natural solutions to treat it do exist and are effective, but they require time and commitment. 

How Holistic Natural Health Experts can help you overcome anxiety?

As experts in natural medicines, we first conduct a personal health assessment of your health. 

Determining your overall current health status, we analyze what is, in your case, the causes, consequences and related issues of your anxiety. 

Furthermore, we prioritize and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best results possible. 

The treatment always consists of a synergy of different prescriptive medicines such as:

  • Western phytotherapy
  • Chinese phytotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Biotherapies
  • Supplements, including probiotics

And the use of treatment sessions composed of:

  • Tomatis method
  • Acupuncture
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Manual, respiratory and yoga therapies
  • Chromotherapy
  • Relaxation

In our practice, we also recommend psycho-emotional work methods according to the individual’s needs. 

As always, the sooner the treatment is implemented, i.e. at the very first signs of emotional mismanagement, the more complete the results will be.

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