How to transition to a healthy diet?

They are many ways someone can transition from an unhealthy to a healthy diet.

Some are doing it almost effortlessly as they realize that their current diet is wrong and inappropriate for them.

They are often people used to make changes on themselves and their behavior, question their choices and decision making.

These people tend to have an easy transition to a healthy diet that is both informative and rewarding.

Others need a more step-by-step procedure, where they can gradually let go of their old habits as well as accept new patterns of behavior.

Some others need a more blunt approach as they are for instance close to becoming very sick if they don’t immediately transition to a healthy diet and now is basically their last chance to make the right choice.

In any case, all the different ways to transition to a healthy diet are valid.

There is no wrong or right way to adopt a healthy diet.

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In our opinion, the only thing that matters is that each individual find the right way to do it.

This is why, during our personalized one-on-one session with clients, we always try to find out the way that is right for the unique human beings in front of us.

In a certain way, we can compare that to any learning process.

Some people need to hear it, some need to read it, some need to experience it, some need all three together.

Although for us all the ways are fine, we tend to recommend that whenever someone transition to a healthy diet, he does it in a way that gives him the time to acquire the knowledge and understanding on the matter.

In our opinion, knowledge and understanding are key for more freedom and self-sufficiency.

Beyond the question of a healthy diet, we think that humans are able to make the best lasting achievement when knowledge and understanding are at the heart of the process.  

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