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Is the food pyramid wrong? Expert Advice!

What is the food pyramid?

Healthy eating should be learned and acquired from birth to adolescence. Family and school should work together to ensure that every adult masters the variety, quality and quantity of his or her diet.

Food is our first pillar of health, so it’s essential.

However, this ideal scenario has rarely been achieved, and only on a small scale. 

Some families economize on their food budget to be able to afford leisure activities and vacations, often unaware that they are selling off their health in the process. Others really can’t feed themselves, so they go to the garbage cans and charities.

Schools are controlled by the agri-food lobbies, and children learn from an early age to eat poorly. School meals are really scary because they contain:

  • Refined, canned, ultra-cooked or reheated products
  • Industrial sauces and desserts
  • Yogurts
  • White bread and white sugar
  • White pasta and rice
  • Poor-quality fruit and vegetables, full of pesticides
  • etc.

In short, the main objective is to respect a ridiculous budget, often less than €1 for the “food” used in a child’s meal.

The massive industrialization of our societies has given pride of place to multinational food companies, which have replaced food in supermarkets with junk food.

We include in junk food all:

  • Refined products such as oils, sugars, flour, pasta and rice 
  • Dairy products, meat, fish and eggs, whose consumption has literally exploded since the post-war period
  • Hundreds of additives including colorants, flavor enhancers, binders, emulsifiers, preservatives, pesticides, etc.

Logically, the health of populations accessing this type of junk food deteriorated very quickly, and the medical profession decided that something had to be done.

And so the food pyramid was born.

The food pyramid doesn’t talk about the quality of foods, but rather about the proportions of good and bad foods mixed together, so as not to harm the interests of industry and lobbies. 

Logically, the food pyramid does not exclude any food, even the worst, but it does recommend consuming very little of it. 

The aim of the pyramid is obvious: to provide a simple image that can mean something at a glance, even if you can’t read. We’re at kindergarten level, and kindergarten is about showing pictures.

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Why is the food pyramid wrong?

With the explosion in cardiovascular, metabolic and degenerative diseases and cancers, the food pyramid has had to evolve to make it less ridiculous. 

Animal products and white flours have been replaced by fruit and vegetables, and soft drinks by water, but as far as food quality is concerned, we’re still at ground zero.

On the other hand, the richness of plant foods and their indispensable synergy make it impossible to present them in the pyramid without first educating people about healthy eating.

Education requires time, resources and skill on the part of the teacher, as well as a willingness to learn on the part of the person concerned. Knowledge makes individuals free and strong, which is antithetical to the qualities required to be a perfect, docile consumer.

So, with a view to providing biased informational stimuli rather than real teaching, the food pyramid, hardly more complex than a succession of pictograms, fulfills its role perfectly: to make everyone believe that they’re not eating all that badly.

All the factors ignored by the food pyramid

Let’s list the points ignored by the food pyramid: 

  • Harmful foods in small quantities
  • Cooking methods
  • Food quality
  • Diversity of healthy foods
  • Important foods such as herbs and seaweed
  • Where to buy healthy foods
  • Water quality
  • Personalization of food

Harmful foods in small quantities

Today, we know that the immune system reacts to harmful foods even when consumed in small quantities. For example, it’s not just alcohol abuse that’s dangerous, but alcohol itself. Yet alcohol still features on some food pyramids, along with sugary drinks, right at the top.

Cooking methods

For example, microwaving or deep-frying food is harmful and degrades the quality of even healthy food.

Food quality

Eating industrial white rice or organic brown rice is completely different in terms of health, and this analysis should be carried out for all foods.

Diversity of healthy foods

Eating fruit and vegetables is all very well, but only if diversity is present. This is an important subject that absolutely must be developed as part of a healthy diet.

Important foods such as herbs and seaweed

A lack of awareness of the richness of certain food categories means that they are “forgotten” in the food pyramids.

Where to buy healthy food

Healthy eating is always pragmatic. If you don’t know where to buy healthy food, you’ll find yourself at a loss.

Water quality

Water is always mentioned in the food pyramid, but which water? Drinking tap water with micropollutants and endocrine disruptors is not a wise choice for your health. To find out more, subscribe now and read our book “Hydrating Well with Healthy Water”.

Personalization of food

Finally, your healthy diet must be personalized, especially if you:

  • Exercise a lot
  • Recovering
  • Growing
  • Are Pregnant

But the pyramid doesn’t personalize anything.

Can the food pyramid be useful?

In our book “Healthy Food: Your Fundamental Right”, you can discover our version of the food pyramid, based solely on healthy foods, which enables you to visualize food priorities and categories at a glance.

The aim is to avoid missing out on certain categories, especially for beginners, or to show you how far you still have to go. 

However, the pyramid is only a summary of all the categories we have developed in detail. Once you’ve mastered healthy eating, our food pyramid can be seen as a beautiful poster, because healthy foods are particularly beautiful.

The purpose of education is to understand and appropriate knowledge, otherwise, the person remains ignorant, and ignorance allows all kinds of manipulation. Advertising, which feeds your impulses rather than your health, has totally invaded the public arena. 

It’s no longer possible to take a step without being assailed by images of burgers, sweets, sodas, beers, potato chips, barbecues or hams. 

Only people who don’t eat a healthy diet fall for this, because their bodies and brains are neither satiated nor satisfied, but on the lookout for these artificial stimuli.

Can you imagine the impact of seeing the “conventional” food pyramid for a few seconds in a doctor’s surgery, compared with hours of advertising hype, including in supermarkets? The answer is simple: zero!

That’s why the conventional food pyramid has never bothered the agro-industry in the slightest, and hasn’t changed the eating habits of millions of people who continue to dig their graves with their forks.

In short, it serves no health purpose whatsoever, if it ever did.

Our experts’ advice

Don’t think that eating healthy means : 

  • Eat a little of everything, but not too much
  • Cut out a few unhealthy foods and you’ll be fine

If it were that simple, most people would eat healthily. 

Yet healthy eating can be simple if you start with the right foundations. But you need to acquire these foundations…and therefore choose very carefully and seriously with whom to acquire them.

Here are five tips to help you do just that.

  1. Don’t listen to anyone who has a conflict of interest with the food industry, or whose teaching has been funded by it.
  2. By default, ignore all diets, for example:
    1. Foodmap diet
    2. Lectin-free diet
    3. Carbohydrate-free diet
    4. Grain-free diet
    5. Legume-free diet
    6. Calorie-counting diet
    7. etc.
  3. Don’t consider unethical food approaches (which advocate eating animals as if they were made to be eaten). 
  4. Choose people with extensive experience and knowledge of organic plant-based food.
  5. Focus on comprehensive and reliable healthy eating training materials.

With 40 years’ of experience behind us, we can attest to the incredible effects of healthy eating on people’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Not only do we find that natural medicine treatments are more effective and faster to heal, but above all, the physical and psychological well-being of people who eat healthily is indisputable.


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